About PlaySmart UK & Safety Surfacing

Anthony launched PlaySmart with the intention of offering a consistent, high-quality standard for grass matting – the most popular playground safety surface at the time for Playground Safety.

A True Solution to Playground Safety

Anthony launched PlaySmart with the intention of offering a consistent, high-quality standard for grass matting – the most popular playground safety surface at the time. He wanted to offer clients the guarantee that the installation will be of the same high standard, every time, whether it is in Scotland or Devon. The aim was to give customers total confidence in the quality of the mats and the workmanship of his installers, with the introduction of a ten-year product and five-year installation guarantee. A true solution to Playground safety.

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High Quality Products

PlaySmart have always sought to respond quickly to customer demand by developing innovative products that fill the gaps in the market. This started with the development and introduction of FireSmart, a fire retardant alternative to standard grass matting. We also launched a patented shock pad called SmartPlay. This innovation has continued throughout the company’s history right through to the present day where we constantly look for new high-quality products and research improvements which can be incorporated into the range.

15 Years Experience

Satisfying customers across the nation, PlaySmart UK are a well-established team of playground surface specialists, offering an extensive range of environmentally-friendly surfacing solutions at a competitive price.  Based in the West Midlands, our company manufactures, supplies and installs high quality surfacing options using the best materials on the market with a friendly, reliable service from start to finish and a No Quibble Guarantee.  Our unrivalled service is second to none, and has been highly recommended by our loyal customer base for a number of years.

With over 15 years’ experience within the play surfacing industry, we as a company have provided hundreds of educational institutions, council play areas and landscape architects with innovative, safe and reliable solutions that are proven to be long-lasting and effective. Our products and solutions are perfect for natural outdoor play environments. We offer a full range of state-of-the-art surfacing products including EcoSmart grass mats, FireSmart grass matting, JungleMulch rubber mulch, RubbaSmart rubber wet pour, FlexCourt modular sports surfaces, Green Frog Artificial Grass and SmartPlay patented shockpad, each of which have been utilised across various establishments throughout the UK and beyond.  

Here at PlaySmart UK, we have catered for a vast array of some of the UK’s leading organisations, including Birmingham City Council, Bristol City Council, Dorset Council, Kompan, Proludic, Leicester City Council, TCL, Red Monkey and Sutcliffe Play.  Some of our more eco-friendly solutions are recycled, long-lasting and allow for grass to grow through naturally, which has resulted in thousands of satisfied customers across the country.  We also offer fire-retardant solutions that have been tested thoroughly for safety and overall efficiency.

We at PlaySmart offer high quality bonded rubber mulch solutions that are available in a vast range of colours and styles, as well as wet pour smooth surfaces that can be used to brighten up any given area.  Once installed, our products require little to no maintenance, and are guaranteed to offer longevity and reliability.  We firmly believe that consistent, high quality surfacing is the perfect addition to any outdoor environment, especially in regards to children’s play areas.  We have gained an excellent reputation over the years for our popular solutions that are designed to last.

Our company caters for numerous industries and sectors, some of which include large play companies, councils, education, tourist attractions, sporting venues and developers.  We respond quickly to all customer queries and are more than willing to help them find the perfect solution for their project.  We continue to develop our already existing solutions as well as discover new and innovative ideas that are eco-friendly and safe.  Our team of professional surfacing contractors are fully qualified and dedicated to their line of work.

Meet the PlaySmart Team


Managing Director

Who inspires you?
My Wife, Katie.

Any hidden talents only a few people know about?
I’m the best safety surface installer in the UK.

Tea or Coffee?
Cup of Rosie Lee all day long.

Operations Director

What’s your favourite drink?
Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc with soda water, in the biggest glass you’ve got, with plenty of ice.

Favourite place to go on holiday?
Port de Pollenca, Mallorca – well exotic me.

Who inspires you?
Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards – I watched that film and bought a pair of skis, he’s just a normal bloke with passion and drive, having a go against all odds.

Office & Finance Manager

Favourite time of year?
Christmas… I love getting my Christmas tree up, decorating the house, watching movies, Christmas shopping and spending time with family!

Do you have any pets?
I have a Border Terrier named Roxy, who is as loopy as they come!

Senior Project Coordinator

Favourite time of the year?
Winter… love me a cheeky turtle neck!

Any hidden talents only a few people know about?
Not officially a talent BUT I have a gold blue peter badge and a letter from the Queen… I was by the far coolest 8 year old around!

Tea or coffee?
Coffee. Strong. Especially on a Monday morning!


Accounts Administrator

Favourite place to go on holiday?
Croyde Bay, Devon; spending time in a motorhome and watching the surfers!

Favourite time of year?
Christmas, because of all the family get-togethers.

Who inspires you?
All of my grandchildren, I love them to pieces.


Installations Manager

Favourite time of year?
Summer… I think I’m living in the wrong country!

What’s your hobby?
I love to play golf… I was almost a pro! I also play football.

If you could choose a superpower, what would it be?
To be able to rewind time.

Installations & Sales Support

What’s your hobby?
Travelling the world.

Any hidden talents only a few people know about?
I am learning how to sign language, I know it will be impressive once I’ve cracked it!

If you could choose a superpower, what would it be?
To be able to fly – after all, it would be cheaper when I’m travelling the world!

Business Development Manager

What’s your hobby?
Used to be football… now it’s looking after my 2 girls!

Who inspires you?
My daughters

Tea or Coffee?
Coffee – Great ideas always start with coffee